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Forcing myself to start small

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Pablo Verdugo

Published on Oct 4, 2021

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I've been working on a shift planner app for the past 5 months, and I've had a lot of ideas for cool features to add. I really like to imagine how my app is gonna look like, and immediately go for it, and this is a problem.

During this time, the design of the app has changed 3 times (for better), and I kept adding stuff that I just thought would be cool or useful, all this without really testing if this is something my users want.

I did this because I wanted to get the user's feedback from a (more or less) complete MVP, so they could get a better idea of what the app is about and I would get better feedback from them.

I thought this was a good way to go, but since the development time is getting longer, It's getting to a point where I'm building stuff that I don't really know if my users need.

So, I've decided to follow a mixed approach, make a small MVP with just 1 of the 3 basic functionalities I need to build, and work on the next functionality and improve the previous one at the same time, but always taking into account users feedback.

I've set up a deadline as well, by the end of this month, I will upload this app to the app stores and start getting opinions from my users.

To give a better perspective, these are the 3 core functionalities:

  • Save your shifts in the calendar
  • Join a group with coworkers
  • Trade shifts within a group

The first functionality will be saving shifts in the calendar, here is a small preview:


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