Finally, I think I've got a good idea

As a software developer, when I'm working on a personal project, I use to think only on the product side, I just want to see my idea working, and usually, I don't even finish it.

Once I've seen what I wanted to see, I lose interest in it, but this time is different.

I've been working on personal projects for the past 4 years, most of the time I just made projects to learn new technologies and progress in my professional career, but I think that finally, I have found an idea that can really work as a saas and can be really useful for a lot of people.

I'm working on a shift planner app, based on 3 core features:

  • Add your shifts to your calendar
  • Join a group with your coworkers
  • Trade shifts within your group

This wasn't actually my idea, it was my girlfriend's.

She is a nurse, working in shifts, and one day she just said out loud:

I wish that there was an app that would allow me to trade shifts with my coworkers

And I said:

That is a good idea, I'm gonna build that for you!

I did some market research and there are a lot of shift planning apps already, but none of them really do what she really needs, so, I think this is a great opportunity for finally making a finished product.

I'm facing a lot of challenges along the way, but I'm excited, this will be a huge test for me, to see if I'm able to make a product people want to use just by myself.

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